From the Director, Karen Neelands

Karen Neelands, Director, CrossRoads Pregnancy Center, Greenwood, SC“Commitment to Care” is a statement which promises our clients that we will provide the best care possible. Each staff person and volunteer is screened and trained to guarantee that we will provide a safe and confidential place to offer our services.

When a woman comes to CrossRoads Pregnancy Center, we provide a compassionate, non-judgmental atmosphere as we talk with her about her options. We believe that a woman does not choose abortion like she might choose what she is going to wear or what shoes she is going to buy. She contemplates abortion because she feels trapped or perhaps pressured into thinking that an abortion is the only choice that will resolve her crises. In light of this, we promise to listen with respect and with-out ridicule or judgment. We also will give her accurate information about her pregnancy, fetal development, lifestyle issues and related concerns. We share no biased statements, only truth in love. We are passionate about our message: 2,300 teens become pregnant daily.  In today’s world where information comes at young people through a variety of media, it is important that we stand for truth. We believe that through education we can empower and encourage our youth to make good choices. 750 babies are aborted everyday only 1% of that number (or 23 babies) are placed for adoption We are seeing girls as young as 11 or 12 at CrossRoads Pregnancy Center, 1 in 4 are sexually active teens with one or more Sexually Transmitted Infections (STIs.) This year there will be over 19 million new cases of STIs in our Country. Of the more than 35,000 people diagnosed with oral cancer, 25% will be linked to an STI.  We must remove our politically correct muzzles and strive to educate our communities. We cannot sit back and let our children become a statistic! These are the reason CrossRoads Pregnancy Center is in existence. Every program we have allows us to educate, empower, and encourage everyone so they can make a difference. Not just because we have wonderful programs, but because when Jesus Christ is the foundation, miracles happen and lives are changed. Together, with God, we are making a difference in this world!