Vision Statement

After much thought, prayer and discussion, the Board of the CrossRoads Pregnancy Center has developed the following Vision Statement for the ministry:

CrossRoads Pregnancy Center, Greenwood, SCThe CrossRoads Pregnancy Center will continue to provide for the physical needs as well as the spiritual needs of women who are facing a crisis pregnancy as well as those women who have experienced an abortion. All services provided be the Center will be focused in a manner that will be present the love of Christ to the clients, because only Christ can truly satisfy their needs. Emphasis will be on meeting the immediate needs of the women and helping, through CPC volunteers or other Christian organizations, to place the women in a Church where they can be effectively support and discipled.

Once the CrossRoads Pregnancy Center is established and recognized by the community as a viable ministry and has acquired the necessary support from the community, the CPC will continue to build and expand the ministry beyond the immediate needs of the women to provide services such as:

1.  Bible studies and support groups for the women.
2. Possibly some type of support for the women to allow them to become self-sufficient and provide for the needs for their new family.
3. Mothering classes.
4. Education on pre-natal and post-natal care.
5. Sex education classes using Christian principals to teach abstinence outside the context of marriage.

It is the long term vision of the Board that the CrossRoads Pregnancy Center would be involved with the rest of the Christian Community in creating a moral climate that our children can respond to in a positive way that within the foreseeable future (20 years) there would be no need for a Women's Center in Greenwood.

An action plan has been developed to address the vision with emphasis on the short term (2 to 6 months). The plan was developed to address the barriers that have been identified as slowing the CPC's progress toward our vision. Action items have been defined with timing and responsibilities assigned.

First priority will be placed on increasing the exposure to the community of the CPC. Emphasis will be on explaining the ministry and how we address the needs of the women. The action plan will be executed in a manner that presents the ministry and the vision to various members of our community, to our clients and volunteers in a manner that each specific group can understand. Creditability within and outside the Christian Community needs to be improved. If we are to continue in our services we must increase the funding to include both a larger number of churches and individual givers.

"Where there is no vision, the people perish"

- Proverbs 29:18